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matters will be handled in a consolidating world
socialism, but we can scarcely venture to antici-
pate the detailed forms, the immense richness and
variety of expression, an ever-increasing number
of intelligent people will impose upon these
primary ideas.
But there is one more structural suggestion that
it may be necessary to bring into our picture. So
far as I know it was first broached by that very
bold and subtle thinker, Professor William Jamc&3
in a small book entitled The Moral Eqmmlmt of
War. He pointed out the need there might be
for a conception of duty, side by side with the
idea of rights, that there should be something
in th£ life of every citizen, man or woman alike*
that should give him at once a sense of personal
obligation to the World State and personal
ownership in the World State* He brought that
into relation with the fact that there will remain
in any social order we can conceive, a multitude
of necessary services which by no sort of device
can be made attractive as normal life-long
occupations. He was not thinking so much of
the fest-vanishing problem of mechanical toil m
of such irksome tasks as the prison warder's* die
asylum attendant's ; the care of the aged and
infirm, nursing generally, health and sanitary
services, a certain residuum of clerical